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Illuminate News ArticleWhile Canadians grapple with how to handle the legacy of these schools, UAlberta’s Faculty of Education has spent the past seven years trying to heal some of those wounds. Founded by Elementary Education professor Heather Blair in 2008, the Alliance Pipeline Young Women's Circle of Leadership (APYWCL) strives to restore some sense of identity and belonging to young Indigenous women while teaching them valuable skills based in traditional Indigenous culture.

“Residential schools really put a huge barrier in the ability to pass on that knowledge from generation to generation,” explains Rochelle Starr, director of the APYWCL. “So right now, we’re just trying to provide access to that knowledge that they should know, and by no fault of their own, don’t know.”

“The traditional knowledge that they’re learning right now has been around for thousands of years, but it’s still just as valuable in our everyday lives as it was a hundred years ago,” says Rochelle Starr

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