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Congratulations to Belinda Daniels!

Canadian Teacher's Federation

Belinda Daniels won the Canadian Teachers’ Federation 2015 Outstanding Aboriginal Educator Award for bringing Cree language to life for students...“My focus has always been on language preservation and development… if I were to think big, I would want to have bilingual education in all sectors of learning,” she says. “And if I were to think really big, that our language would one day be an official language in Canada.” You can also read more here.

Our instructor was also awarded the Aboriginal Research Excellence Award onMarch 7  2015. The University of Saskatchewan’s Graduate Awards Selection Committee voted unanimously for Belinda to be awarded the Aboriginal Research Excellence Award. This is in recognition of the academic and research excellence in her graduate studies at the University of Saskatchewan.The McDowell Foundation is proud to have submitted a letter of support for Belinda and are grateful for her commitment to the research community supported by McDowell Foundation.

Janine Tine. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholar

Janine Tine in University of Alberta NewsPlease join us in celebrating Janine's announcement as Vanier Canada Graduate Scholar from the Uof A. Her research will break new ground in Canadian research on bi-cultural families, bilingual families and the implications of these for schools.

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“In my research I want to draw out, through interviews, parents’ understandings and views—their parental ethno-theories—so that these can be taken into the context of the early childhood classroom.”

“I do have a passion for the Aboriginal culture. I believe success can be achieved by opportunities to both celebrate culture and further education.”.

Janine Tine