Laura Burnouf

Laura is originally from Beauval, Saskatchewan a Metis Cree community on the West Side of Saskatchewan.  She is fluent in both the Michif and the Cree language and presently works as a Faculty Advisor and Instructor for the Northern Teacher Education Program in La Ronge.  Prior to this, she taught in the elementary school level in various schools in Northern Saskatchewan.  Laura teaches University Cree courses, Social Studies methods course and has taught for two summers at CILLDI at the University of Alberta.

Laura enjoys playing guitar and singing and uses this skill to teach the Cree language and to host language festivals.  She often facilitates musical workshops at conventions and conferences.

Laura has completed a Masters of Education Degree at the Department of Elementary Education at the University of Alberta in Edmonton in the area of language and culture in 2005.  Her interest in pursuing this degree began with her involvement with the AILDI (American Indian Language Development Institute) in Arizona during the summer of 1999.  She was part of the first co-hort of CILLDI in 2000 where she had the opportunity to work with indigenous language activists.

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