Pearleen Kanewopasikot- YIWCL Cree instructor

Askihtakiw Piyesiw Iskwew nitsihkason.  Waskacosihk ohci niya.  Kinowes ekwa niki-pekiskinohamakan.  Keyapic nikiskinohamakan, nehiyawewin e-kiskinohamakeyan ota Amiskwacihk Waskihikanihk.

My ceremonial name is Blue Thunder Bird Woman.  I am from Little Pine First Nation, Saskatchewan.  I have been a long time educator.  I am still teaching Cree in Edmonton, with the Edmonton Catholic School Board at Ben Calf Robe School.

I enjoy teaching very much.  I love going to ceremony.  I am blessed to be a grandmother.  My grand baby and I go to ceremonies when we can.  I am very honoured to be part of the Cree and Cultural Immersion Camp at the University of Alberta.   I completed my Masters Degree in Land Based Indigenous Education at the University of Saskatchewan, and I am fully aware how important our ways of knowing are.  I am happy to promote retention of nehiyawewin and nehiyawatisowin.

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