2015 Compendium of Poems: Found Poetry

These poems represent the personal, professional, and passionate thoughts of a group of preservice teachers who reflected on the state of Indigenous language loss in their homes, communities, and schools. They ring clearly of a call to action and also speak to the profound loss of languages.

This “Found Poem” activity was part of an online course, EDEL 412: Teaching Language Arts in First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Contexts, where the students became informed about the local and timely issue of Indigenous language and cultural identity. The abbreviated list of authors is the following:

Anderson, C.; Anderson, D.; Anderson, T.; Auger, C.; Auger, K.; Batchelor, D.; Batsone, A.; Bensch, C.; Bonnet, C.; Cardinal, C.; Cardinal, C.; Cardinal, L.; Cardinal, M.; Cardinal, N.; Cardinal, P.; Christensen, N.; D'Or, M.; Davies, C.; Derkoch, B.; Devlieger, B.; Dunleavy, E.; Elter, M.; Freeman, J.; Gambler, S.; Gauchier, T.; Genoway, J.; Gill, C.; Gladue, D.; Gullion, R.; Hamelin, Y.; Houle, L.; Houle, S.; Kamieniecki, C.; Kemp, R.; Kushner, K.; Kuyek, B.; Laderoute, K.; Larson, R.; MacKenzie, T.; Oar, R.; Paul, A.; Pawliw, C.; Pelletier, J.; Porisky, C.; Sound, J.; Stone, L.; Thunder, L.; Timinsky, S.; Vadnais, T.; Yellowknee, J.; & Young, R.


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