Cree girls' cultural summer camp at risk (Edmonton Journal)

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For eight summers, the Young Indigenous Women’s Circle of Leadership has gathered girls age 10 to 16 for an immersive leap into Cree language and culture using drama, songs, activities and outings to help boost their sense of identity.

The program has attracted girls from the four western provinces and the Northwest Territories, director and co-ordinator Rochelle Starr said. Now, it’s under threat.


“Our culture is dying out. More First Nations women and girls are trying to be like white people. They don’t know any history of our culture, or what the language is,” J’vin said.

Determined to keep Plains Cree language alive, Tiarayne now wants to teach it to future generations.

Starr dreams of a day when the program has enough funding for more participants, to add a boys’ program, and to spend days living outdoors, teaching traditional cooking, tanning and skinning hides. Read Full Article here

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