Our mission is to provide opportunities for university accredited undergraduate and graduate studies in language and literacy education with a primary focus on supporting Indigenous language revitalization in First Nations, Metis and Inuit communities. 

Opportunities include:

  1. Indigenous Language Instructors Studies (ILIS), a set of courses specializing in Indigenous language teaching and learning,
  2. Indigenous Language Leadership Awards for teachers with a B.Ed. who want to develop skills in Indigenous language pedagogy and to explore graduate level studies in language and literacy,
  3. The Young Indigenous Women’s Circle of Leadership (YIWCL),  providing intergenerational transmission of language learning in a program designed for the young women to develop as Indigenous language activists, and most importantly,
  4. We infuse our CILLES activities with Elders who offer us access to the Indigenous knowledge systems that they embody.  We strive to offer a dynamic program of study in Indigenous language revitalization that respects Indigenous knowledge, research and practices. 

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