YIWCL Activities

APYWCL Activities

   "This year I am not only going into grade eight, I am going with a new experience behind"






APYWCL Activities

   “I learned the importance of helping others. This has taught me that leadership affects the many aspects of my life as well as the lives of others. Responsibility and respect have been a huge part also, where it be respecting others or taking actions for your mistakes. For the great help I would like to say thank you to the leaders for giving us an opportunity to explore and share new knowledge.”


APYWCL Activities


“During YIWCL I learned the importance of belonging because everyone actually did make me feel at home. I made lots of friends, had lots of fun. It made me feel like I belong.”





Program Activities:

  • Cree Language Immersion
  • Cultural Crafts and Traditional Teachings: Beading, Smudging
  • Creative Drama and Storytelling
  • Digital Technology and Literacy
  • Carpentry
  • Rock Climbing
  • Swimming


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